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Vol. 30 No 3 With celebrations of the 500th Anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death in full swing worldwide, the Spring 2019 issue of Ambassador pays tribute to Leonardo as well with two exceptional features: “Genius Defined” covers Leonardo’s wide-ranging impact on our world today; and “Da Vinci and Me” takes an introspective look at his influence, personally, on those today who study his genius and know him best. To solve our da Vinci Crossword Puzzle may require some genius on your part! Other features include a profile of Florence master sculptor Dante Mortet; the Forza Pizza’s social network that’s connecting people with a passion for pizza; a by-the-books story about The Mentoris Project whose historical novels are teaching students about remarkable people; and, “Wildfire in the Vineyards,” a toast to the Signorello Winery and other wineries that are rebuilding from the ashes left by the raging California forest fires. Of course, there’s more, from Mary Ann Esposito’s tasty spring asparagus recipes and a visit to NIAF’s new museum, to a tribute to Italy’s filmmaking Taviani brothers and cool products in Bottega NIAF. You’ll find the best of Italian America, and Italy, in Ambassador magazine! Watch for the special Summer Travel issue in June!

Vol. 30 No 2 The Holiday Season and Christmas are just around the corner, and then New Years, so can the Academy Awards be far behind? With “A Star is Born” an Oscar frontrunner due to the on-screen chemistry of Italian American stars Lady Gaga (Stefani Germanotta) and Bradley Cooper, our 2018 Winter issue’s cover story salutes it and finds 12 other films whose stars of Italian descent also made them must-see movies. But that’s not all! Our annual Christmas Cuisine Special features Chef Lidia Bastianich, who talks about her new memoir and life as well as providing recipes sure to make your holiday entertaining easier and tastier. Among other features: Puglia’s amazing Masserias; Dancing the ancient Pizzica Tarantata healing dance; a tale of growing up Italian with a Dutch name in the ‘50s Bronx and Jersey; and, to help with your gift-giving confusion, our guide to Under-$22 Italian Wines for Under Your Tree! And don’t miss Mary Ann Esposito’s holiday cookie recipes! All that and more, from book reviews to NIAF’s Persons of Interest. You’ll find the best of Italian America, and, of course, Italy, here in Ambassador magazine!

Vol. 30 No 1 Since NIAF’s 2018 Region of Honor is Puglia, in this issue look for features from that stunning, sun-bleached, slow-paced, authentic region, including wine expert Dick Rosano’s tasting notes on Puglia’s incredible and notably inexpensive wines (because they’re not quite on the radar yet). But as you sit back and sip, dive into remarkable stories ranging from culturally rich art and culinary conservation workshops in Puglia to adventures in the Mediterraneo diet and lifestyle there. But this issue isn’t geographically bound. Take a hike…no really, from Bologna to Florence on the Via degli Dei; or tour the lively fantastic studio of children’s book author and illustrator Tomie dePaola; or listen to the lessons Jack Sacco’s father, a WWII vet who helped liberate the Dachau concentration camp, told him when Jack was a boy. From a recipe for a dried plum and balsamic vinegar tart to the latest Italian film review, and more, you’ll find the best of Italian America, and of course Italy, in Ambassador magazine!

Vol. 29 No 3 Ever been mesmerized by a church you thought was the most beautiful in the world? Photographer-writer Frank Van Riper has—the Duomo di Orvieto in Italy’s Region of Umbria. In the cover story of the Spring 2018 issue of Ambassador magazine, Van Riper not only tells you about it, he lets you see some of his amazing photos. The issue’s other features include a look at San Diego’s trendsetting Little Italy; a profile of the first woman pilot for a major U.S. airline; a visit to the overlooked Amalfi village of Minori; a rollicking one-day ride along Tuscany’s famed Via Chiantigiana wine road; and a wine-tasting stop at the Castello Banfi where an Italian American family is blending Old World and New near Montalcino. And, if it’s Springtime, it must mean baseball: Check out the profile of former MLB ballplayer Ken Aspromonte! Departments? From the macaroni recipe served in Thomas Jefferson’s White House to film and book reviews, and more, you’ll find the best of Italian America, and of course Italy, here in Ambassador magazine!

Vol. 29 No 2 Our Winter 2017 issue of Ambassador magazine is a little like Christmas morning, unwrapping gifts from under the sparkling Christmas tree. Let’s start with the eye candy in our NIAF 2017 Photo Contest winners’ pages! Then, turn the page to find a Q&A with TV Chef Nick Stellino, who offers some tasty recipes for holiday entertaining. Don’t miss the cover story and exquisite photography of the masters of Palermo’s incredible Sicilian puppet theaters. For a seasonally meaningful message, check out the profile of Sicily’s Fra Biagio and his Saint Francis-like mission; and the work of controversial Mayor Luigi De Magistris to turn Naples upside-down for good. Other features include one writer’s quest to master the bergamot fruit of southern Italy; a wine lover’s Holiday Gift Guide of some of the finest Italian wines; and a look at one of Venice’s most overlooked musical offering you need to know about—an evening at the Musica a Palazzo! All that and more, as our departments cover everything from a review of an encyclopedic Noodle cookbook to the history (and recipe) behind the margharita pizza! You’ll find the best of Italian America, and, of course, Italy, here in Ambassador magazine!

Vol. 29, No 1 If you think you know Sicily, take a look at the new Fall 2017 issue of Ambassador magazine. It’s running over with feature from and about Sicily, including the cover story about the Sicilian carretti—those beautifully painted folk-art carts that have creaked along the island’s rough roadways, doing the heavy lifting, for centuries. Also in the magazine are profiles of Princess Beatrice of Bourbon Two Sicilies, and Chef Corrado Assenza, whose reputation for exquisite Sicilian sweets, specifically the cassata Siciliana, has gone international. Other features include an insightful Q&A with Stephan Talty, author of the new book “The Black Hand: America’s Heroic Italian American Police Detective and the Deadly Criminal Organization He Fought”; a visit to the endangered Italian town of Civita di Bagnoregio; an introduction to The Italian American Museum of Los Angeles; a vampire-inspired tale from a coastal Calabrian tower; and a guide to Sicilian wines! That, plus our departments where you’ll find everything from our Fall Italian American Reader reviews to a primer on the earthy porcini mushroom, is all found here!

Vol. 28, No 3  “To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all” is how Goethe put it. That may be hyperbole, but the sentiment is right for the Spring 2017 issue of Ambassador magazine, in which NIAF announces 2017 Region of Honor—Sicily. So, among this issue’s features and departments are some chances for you to see Sicily up close, including a fascinating photo-essay “The Barbers of Sicily”; a beautiful exploration “Tale of Two Sicilian Towns”; and Mary Ann Esposito’s Ciao Italia culinary column on the street foods of Palermo. Beyond that is “An Altaring Experience,” the celebratory tale of St. Joseph’s Day weekend in New Orleans; a dual profile of Next Gen culinary experts Rossella Rago and Katie Parla; a touching story by a college student about her letter-writing nonna; a trip to the sauce-manufacturing DelGrosso family’s Pennsylvania amusement park; a peek inside the world’s tiniest Opera House; a tasting of southern Italy’s Aglianico wines; and a retrospective on the 25th anniversary of the award-winning film “My Cousin Vinny.” Take a look, for the best of Italian American culture and of Italy!

Vol. 28, No 2 ambassador-winter2017 Have yourself a Mario little Christmas? Ambassador magazine’s Winter issue features world-renowned Chef Mario Batali, whose cover shot reveals only a slice of his story and thoughts inside on food, family, traditions and holiday entertaining—and a few of his favorite recipes. Plus, there’s plenty of trimmings, including features on exploring Christianity’s most sacred and mysterious relic while in Torino; a visit to hot, hot Piemonte’s Acqui Terme; the story of a professional food taster; a profile of exuberant basketball icon Dick Vitale; and a wine taste testing of Barolos “old and new.” Unwrap our departments to find gift ideas in Bottega NIAF; six Persons of Interest in Paesani; Ciao Italia’s change-up for holiday fare; NIAF’s 2016 Photo Contest winners on display; and much more! For the best of Italian American culture, look here!

Vol. 28, No 1 ambassador-fall2016 The fact that Piemonte is a wine connoisseur’s Mecca, known for its acclaimed Barolos, Barbarescos and Nebbiolos, makes it a mystery why most of its once-finest vineyards in the region’s northern area were abandoned for decades. The Fall issue’s cover story finds out why and features the winemaker who has been leading the comeback and resurrecting Piemonte’s forgotten wines. Also in the magazine are stories about two sisters who truly are the Friends of Florence; one of Piemonte’s rustic-chic agriturismos; an eating tour of Testaccio; a journey into Italy’s real la cucina povera; and a tasting review of the new grappas! The issue’s departments include NIAF on Location’s insider view of Dallas; Ciao Italia’s taste (and recipes) from Piemonte; and the Cinema column’s review of the Lincoln Center’s recent Anna Magnani Retrospective. The best of Italian American culture is found here!

Vol. 27, No 3 Ambassador-Spring2016-Cover Ever consider taking your bambini along on your Italian vacation? Check out the firsthand, happy-ending account of two parents who did, and what they learned, in the new Spring issue of Ambassador! The magazine also features a professional photographer’s easy tips for taking better photos in Italy; a fascinating story of a Nashville couple’s efforts to restore a forgotten Tuscan church; and an uplifting profile of PBS TV’s “Genealogy Roadshow” genealogist Mary Tedesco and her personal journey into her Italian ancestry. NIAF President John M. Viola writes a captivating historical tale of Salvatore Catalano, a Sicilian hero who helped Thomas Jefferson’s upstart U.S. Navy take on the Barbary pirates. Wine aficianados shouldn’t miss the story of the Sonoma winemaking Trione family. And there’s more in the departments, from NIAF on Location’s visit to Providence and Bottega NIAF’s great new products to Ciao Italia’s fava bean recipes and Cinema’s look at the Italian films of a little-known ’60s master director. The best of Italian American culture is found here!

Vol. 27, No 2 Ambassador-Winter-Cover The holiday season is here! So what better than to cozy up with the latest issue of Ambassador magazine and find out how Arthur Avenue, which remains one of America’s most authentic Little Italys, saved Christmas! But that’s not all of this issue’s holiday cheer. Check out the annual Celebrity Chefs’ Holiday Recipes section for some incredible dishes to work into your holiday entertaining….not to mention the Italian Holiday Cookies recipes. Other stories include a profile of activist poet Joseph Bathanti; a college girl’s connection of her identity and her family’s immigrant past; and a heart-touching story of love and grief. Plus, you’ll find the departments such as NIAF on Location, which visits Seattle this issue; the popular mini profiles in Paesani; gift ideas in NIAF Bottega; and an interview with Italian director Nanni Moretti in Cinema.

Vol. 27, No 1 ambassador27-1 Check out the Fall issue of Ambassador which features a cover story on Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito; a boxing look-back titled “The Real Rockys” about when Italian Americans ruled the ring; a photo-story trip into the furnace studios of Murano’s glass artists; a tour-guide look at Lombardia’s UNESCO World Heritage sites; and a wine column that visits some of the top vineyards and vintages of Southern Italy. For an engaging read, NIAF’s “40 Under 40” feature focuses on 40 up-and-coming and fascinating young professionals of Italian descent who are changing the game in their fields. The NIAF Insider pages contain a preview to our 40th Anniversary Gala and a six-page timeline feature “NIAF—40 Years in the Making.” You’ll also find the popular NIAF on Location this issue touring Philadelphia; Ciao Italia columnist Mary Ann Esposito laying down some rules about pasta; the always popular Bottega NIAF spotlighting cool and fancy products; and the Cinema column’s look at “The Italian Slate” from the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival, and more!

Vol. 26, No 3 ambassador26-3 Get into the swing of Ambassador’s Spring 2015 issue with the cover story “What Drives Rocco?”— a fascinating profile of professional golfer Rocco Mediate, along with a sidebar look at the Italian American link to the links. And don’t miss our profile of business magnate and horse owner-breeder Mike Repole. There’s also a mesmerizing photo essay “Portrait of a Sicilian Café in America,” a tasty story about Gelato Genius Gianluigi Dellaccio, and features on “15 Reasons to Visit Lombardia in 2015” and the Antinori wine empire in Italy.This issue’s regular departments include the always colorful shopper Bottega NIAF; our NIAF on Location report on Finding Italy in Chicago; the Paesani “Persons of Interest” section’s six mini profiles; the Cinema column on Italian Love and Marriage in classic films; book reviews in Between the Pages; even a cheesy Crossword Puzzle (Italian cheeses, that is); plus lots more!

Vol. 26, No 2ambassador26-2 Get into the holiday spirit with Ambassador’s Winter 2014 issue! Its centerpiece is our annual Holiday Chefs Special featuring something new this year: 10 regional Italian holiday recipes shared by five acclaimed chefs and culinary experts! Stuck on your gift list? Check out our feature “Holiday Gift Ideas for Travelers to Italy.”Also in this issue: A step-by-step account of Capri’s two most stunning vantage points; a look today’s wine-making connection between historic renaissance men—America’s Thomas Jefferson and Italy’s Philip Mazzei; a meaty story about soppressata making in Calabria and Pennsylvania; and the winning photographs from the NIAF 2014 Photo Contest.Besides the magazine’s regular columns, including our dazzling shopper spread Bottega NIAF, behind-the-scenes reporting in Cinema and books reviews in Between The Pages, this issue offers an insightful Q & A with John Maggio, the writer and director of the upcoming PBS documentary “The Italian Americans,” and coverage of NIAF’s Anniversary Gala last October!

Vol. 26, No 1ambassador26-1 Ambassador’s 2014 Fall issue is the real deal, even if some of the culinary products described in the cover story, “Knocking Off Made-in-Italy,” aren’t. Is that prosciutto at the supermarket real? The parmigiano at the restaurant? The story’s about what we’re losing when counterfeiters imitate Italy’s most traditional and valued foods.Also featured are the stories about hiking the Amalfi Coast; finding paradise in the Sabina Hills farming olives; Roman aqueducts in Italy today; Chianti Classico; plus a profile of “Forbidden Broadway” creator Gerard Alessandrini. In the departments, you’ll find a diversity of fascinating people in our Paesani section, a Ciao Italia kitchen lesson on aged Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale, an interview with the director of the new documentary “Ivory Tower,” book reviews including the new and delicious “How to Eataly”; chic gift ideas in Bottega NIAF; and much more!

Vol. 25, No 3 ambassador25-3 Ambassador’s 2014 Spring issue makes some waves with its cover story about surfing in Italy and the making of the new documentary about Italian American surfer Chris Del Moro’s search for the perfect wave and his heritage. Also featured are the stories of stone carver Luigi Del Bianco’s contributions to creating Mt. Rushmore and his grandson’s crusade to secure Luigi’s place in history; novelist Alan Champorcher scouting high-drama scenes for his new novel set in Rome; and pioneering wine importers Maria and Neil Empson of Empson & Co.Don’t miss the story on how three Italian brothers are building amazing wood-fired brick pizza ovens in suburban Maryland for America’s restaurants. And, in the departments, there’s chic and fantasy products in Bottega NIAF, Easter recipes in Cia Italia, mini-profiles in Paesani, books you’ll want to read in Between the Pages, plus cinema and sports!

Vol. 25, No 2 ambassador25-2 The 2013 Winter issue of Ambassador features the always popular holiday culinary spread—though with a twist. This time, with Washington’s remarkable Chef Fabio Trabocchi leading the way (see the cover photo), five Italian chefs give their take on “Untraditional Italian Holiday Cuisine,” along with some wonderful recipes! Wash that down with the feature spotlighting Italy’s most happening bubbly—Prosecco.And don’t miss the stories on the making of a documentary about visionary architect Paolo Soleri, the Palentine Hill architectural digs, and a year-later review of the impact of the 2012 earthquake in Italy on the parmigiano, prosciutto and balsamico industries. In the departments, check out the latest bling and things in Bottega NIAF, the profiles in Paesani, plus more books, cinema and sports!

Vol. 25, No 1 ambassador25-1 Check out the 2013 Fall issue of Ambassador magazine for features on Bruce Springsteen’s tour last spring through Italy and his Italian roots; the hot Italian American ex-patriot agriturismo trend in Italy; ancient and modern pottery in Squillace; the rise of Nebbiolo wines beyond exquisite but pricey Barolos and Barbarescos; and a search for cannoli perfection. And make sure to turn to our brand new departments: In NIAF on Location, members and friends lead you through the Italian highlights—best Italian restaurants, festivals, markets, museums, etc.—in their hometowns; NIAF Bottega is a colorful splash of great Italian-style designs, finds and products; and Paesani offers short profiles of NIAF’s persons of interest. Plus, the regular departments and so much more!

Vol. 24, No 3 ambassador24-3 The 2013 Spring Ambassador’s cover story explores Calabria’s finest beaches—worth considering when making your plans to visit Italy! Other features include stories on Baseball in Italy, the white truffles of Alba, and a family history search that unexpectedly found past heroics. Get to know the Archivist of the United States in our profile of nation’s Chief Collector, David Ferriero. And the issue’s columns include Ciao Italia on artichoke cookery, an overflowing Books section, On Film on the great Italian actress Anna Magnani, On Sports on Mike Piazza and the World Baseball Classic, an Opinion page by John Viola, and the Crossword Puzzle.

Vol. 24, No 2 ambassador24-2 Ambassador’s 2012 winter issue celebrates the holidays with the cover story on Sicilian terracotta artist Angela Tripi and her world-renown nativity scenes, and this year’s festive, Italian–accented Holiday Cuisine section featuring delectable recipes from five celebrity chefs. It also features a fascinating story on Gondola builders in Venice and a touching piece on living a lifetime in the Calabrian town of Monasterace.Don’t miss the profiles of designer Jane August who creates luxury artisan handbags handmade in Italy, and Italy’s top rock star Jovanotti who’s music is making inroads in America. In this issue’s columns, you’ll find a variety of good books in the Books section that make good gifts, a review in On Films of the Italian movies at the 50th New York Film Festival, an inspiring look at NFL great Tedy Bruschi in On Sports, and an insightful review of the book “Good Italy, Bad Italy” on the Opinion page.Please note: The article “Against the Current” in the print version of this issue should have credited Maria Garcia for all photographs.” 

Vol. 24, No 1 ambassador24-1 In Ambassador’s 2012 fall issue, professional genealogist Aliza Giammatteo’s story debunks a widely held Ellis Island myth about our immigrant ancestors’ names, and photographer Frank Van Riper’s story and photos take readers on a visual tour of Umbria. For a timely October history lesson, don’t miss Roberto Severino’s irony-filled “Discovering Christopher Columbus.” And for anyone thinking how great it would be to relocate to rural Italy, read Marco della Cava’s profile of Madison Avenue guru Paul Cappelli who traded the mad ad biz for olive harvests in Terlizzi.In this issue’s columns, Books visits with bestselling author David Baldacci, Ciao Italia is all about figs, On Sports interviews Joe Garagiola Jr., On Film focuses on Pixar Studio illustrator Enrico Casarosa and his animated film that was nominated for an Academy Award, and Making A Difference profiles Philadelphia attorney Dino Privitera. All that and more in this issue of Ambassador!

Vol. 23, No 3 ambassador23-3 Ambassador’s 2012 spring issue features Cristina Del Sesto’s travel story that explores Italy and opinions of Italians about the “unity” celebrated during last year’s 150th Anniversary of Unification. Don’t miss Christian Feuerstein’s fascinating profile of Mario Capecchi, a street urchin in WWII-devastated Italy who became a Nobel laureate scientist. Ever wonder what it’s like to push the pedal to the metal in a Ferrari 458 Italia?Read Marco della Cava’s high-speed account. For a real tongue-twister, check out Roberto Severino’s story on regional dialects of Italy. Jenifer Mangione Vogt updates art lovers on the U.S. tour of the Uffizi Gallery’s “Offerings of the Angles” exhibit. And find out where Ambassador’s readers go for America’s Best Pizza! Plus, Easter recipes, a retrospective on NIAF’s relief effort in L’Aquila, and an interview with filmmaker/actor Gianni Di Gregorio, all that and more in this issue of Ambassador!

Vol. 23, No 2 ambassador23-2 The “Season’s Greetings” issue of Ambassador is filled with holiday spirit, starting with the lovely Rampini heirloom Christmas ornament on the cover. Look inside to learn about Rampini’s handmade craftwork in Gubbio, Italy, and that medieval town’s colossal mountainside Christmas tree. More good cheer comes with the “Cooking Italian for the Holidays” section presenting six celebrity chefs and their recommended holiday recipes. Also featured is a travel story revisiting the Risorgimento in Torino; a profile of U.S. Solicitor General Don Verrilli; a story about the history of Los Angeles’ Little Italy; an literary analysis of Pietro Di Donato’s Italian American masterpiece “Christ in Concrete”; and a piece that answers the question, “Was Italian food Italian before there was an Italy?” Our regular columnists cover the new Italian film “Corpo Celeste” and the NFL’s Italian American Harbaugh brothers.And don’t miss the chance to voice your opinion in Ambassador’s reader survey which asks “What’s America’s Best Pizza?” (See results in the next issue!)

Vol. 23, No 1 ambassador23-1 The Fall issue of Ambassador magazine annually focuses on NIAF’s anniversary celebration and this one is no exception with a complete preview of the 36th Anniversary Convention and Gala, October 28-29, in the nation’s capital. But there’s much more! Featured in this issue is Marco della Cava’s story on America’s Little Italys making a comeback, Mitch Picciano’s culinary tourism tale on cooking at Mamma Agata’s kitchen in Ravello, Italy, and Steven Austin Stovall’s history of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire tragedy. Since 2011 is Italy’s 150th Anniversary all year long, Salvatore Napolitano takes a look at how the Risorgimento ignited a cultural revolution in Italy. Looking for your next book to read?Check out this issue’s Italian American Reading List. And for food and fun, see Mary Ann Esposito’s Ciao Italia column on garden fresh tomatoes and Wayne Randazzo’s On Sports column on Joe DiMaggio and the Italian American baseball legacy.

Vol. 22, No 3 ambassador22-3 With 2011 being the 150th Anniversary of Italy’s unity, NIAF’s Spring issue of Ambassador magazine is focusing on that celebration. To kick things off, we’ve featured a calendar of events connected to the anniversary that are taking place in the United States through the year, along with a forward by Italy’s Ambassador to the United States Giulio Terzi di Sant’Agata. Also featured in this issue is Roberto Severino’s “History of Italian Unity Made Easier,” which sorts out the complicated historic events and personalities of Italian unification, and Joseph Luzzi’s reflective look at Italy’s first currency, the lira.Other stories include Marco della Cava’s touching tale of pursuing his Italian heritage and dual citizenship, Patricia Beemer’s profile of California energy entrepreneur Guido Radaelli, and an appreciation of longtime NIAF leader and friend Joseph R. Cerrell. And keep your kitchen cooking and your mind active with Mary Ann Esposito’s great recipes and Leon Radomile’s Crossword Puzzle

Vol. 22, No 2 ambassador22-2 It’s the holiday season again, and the latest issue of NIAF’s Ambassador magazine lights up a little like Christmas morning with a wealth of gifts and good cheer for readers. Featured in this issue is a stories about chef Bert Cutino and his culinary program helping at-risk youth in Northern California, Rabbi Barbara Aiello taking Hanukkah festivities to Palermo, Italy, and what Fabrizio Capobianco’s Silicon Valley company is doing to simplify our wireless lives.Plus, we’ve got recipes! Ciao Italia chef Mary Ann Esposito tells how to throw a holiday antipasto party, Rossella Rago of “Cooking with Nonna” fame shares her family’s favorite Christmas recipes and Rosetta Costantino details the perfect Calabrian Christmas Eve feast.

Vol. 22, No 1 ambassador22-1  In this issue celebrating NIAF’s 35th anniversary, you’ll find a fascinating feature on the classic-automobile road race, the Mille Miglia, and the Northern Italian city of Brescia where it all starts each year. Stories about the Vince Lombardi play on Broadway, Italian Americans serving their country in Iraq, and the urban game of stickball are the ballast of this issue. Chef Mary Ann Esposito writes of Italy’s porcini season, with delectable mushroom recipes, and film writer Maria Garcia catches up with Italian filmmaker Marco Amenta and his new movie, “The Sicilian Girl.” And make sure to test your knowledge of Bocce with this issue’s Crossword Puzzle.