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The National Italian American Foundation Statement


Natalie Wulderk

(Washington, D.C. – June 5, 2020) The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) is comprised of men and women of Italian heritage whose ancestors immigrated to the United States seeking a better life. In too many cases, they were met with prejudice and intolerance, while many Italian American leaders served at the forefront of the struggle for equality and justice. Unfortunately, the senseless death of George Floyd underscores the bitter truth that disenfranchised and marginalized groups are still the victims of racism and injustice.

We commit through our programming and practices to live by the words inspired by the great Italian American patriot Filippo Mazzei: “All men are created equal.”

The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to preserving, promoting and protecting the Italian American heritage and culture. To learn more about the Foundation and become a member, please visit