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**The National Italian American Foundation Commissioned Survey**

(Washington, DC—September 6, 2011) Ninety-nine percent of Italian Americans are concerned about the current economic outlook, according to a recent IBOPE Zogby International Poll commissioned by the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF). Pollster John Zogby also noted in his executive brief that 95 percent of Italian Americans are concerned about the budget situation in the United States, and 42 percent feel that taxing the rich “is a better solution to balancing the budget than cutting entitlement programs.” The latter was only supported by 39 percent of the same group.

According to NIAF President Joseph V. Del Raso Esq., “NIAF is a resource for all things Italian American. The Foundation provides information related to education, culture, business and civic issues.”

In the recent findings, Zogby notes that 53 percent of those surveyed oppose President Obama’s healthcare program, and 54 percent of survey participants think that the involvement of the federal government in their everyday lives is excessive. Along a similar line, 40 percent indicated that U.S. businesses should be subject to less government regulation.

The data shows that opposition to government intervention applies even to those outside of the United States, as Zogby’s survey found that 56 percent of Italian Americans oppose the United States taking an active role in the democratization of other countries. However, 60 percent of Italian-Americans agree that the suspension of certain civil rights is necessary to combat the rise of global terrorism.

Of those surveyed, 49 percent expressed support for same-sex marriage, and 53 percent opposed and 43 percent supported banning all abortions except when the life of the mother is at risk.

When asked their opinions on current issues, 68 percent of those surveyed expressed support for the death penalty. The same percentage said that they oppose granting amnesty to illegal immigrants. A smaller number (52 percent), however, “disagrees that children born to illegal immigrants in the United States should be granted the full rights associated with becoming a natural-born citizen.”

Of the Italian Americans who are registered to vote, 98 percent of them revealed that they are likely to vote in national elections. Italian Americans, the fifth largest ethnic community in the country, are fairly evenly split between the Democratic (37 percent) and Republican (30 percent) parties. A similar percent of Italian Americans (31 percent) are neither Democrats nor Republicans, choosing instead to be Independent or Unaffiliated.

IBOPE Zogby International conducted interviews of 500 Italian Americans chosen at random nationwide from a Zogby-compiled Italian surname database. IBOPE Zogby International is headquartered in Utica, N.Y. All calls took place from 7/6/11 through 7/13/11. The margin of error is +/- 4.5 percentage points.

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