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The Ambassador Peter F. Secchia

Voyage of Discovery

The Trip Lasts 13 Days. The Impact Lasts a Lifetime.
Past Trips

Past Trips of the Ambassador Peter F. Secchia Voyage of Discovery


2022: Tuscany & Abruzzo
: Rome & Molise
2018: Puglia
2017: Sicily
2016: Piemonte
2015: Lombardia
2014: Campania
2013: Calabria
2012: Lazio and Emilia-Romagna
2011: Campania
2010: Campania and Umbria
: Lombardia and Liguria
2008: Campania
2007: Le Marche
2006: Tuscany
2005: Liguria and Tuscany
2004: Campania
2003: Calabria
2002: Sardegna
2001: First Trip: Northern and Southern Italy

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