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NIAF and City of Genoa Join Forces to Strengthen Cultural Ties and Foster Growth


Gabriella Mileti
Director of Special Programs and PR | NIAF

(Genoa, Italy – August 3, 2023) – The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) and the Municipal Government of Genoa have embarked on a dynamic partnership aimed at promoting education, research, cultural exchange, and economic growth in their respective nations. The two organizations recently inked a three-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that solidifies their collaboration on these key initiatives. This strategic partnership further enriches the longstanding relationship between the United States and Italy through joint initiatives and collaborative programs.

The MOU signifies the Parties’ shared commitment to advancing their respective missions and achieving common goals. Key areas of collaboration include:

The Legacy of Christopher Columbus and Centro Studi Colombiano
Recognizing the profound impact of Genoese native Christopher Columbus’ historic voyage to the Americas in 1492, NIAF and the Genoa Municipal Government will spearhead efforts to cultivate a comprehensive understanding of Columbus and his enduring legacy. Esteemed academics and professors specializing in Columbus studies will engage in knowledge exchange programs, while a biennial conference in Genoa will explore the ongoing impact of Columbus’ exploration.

The Prestigious Premio Paganini Violin Competition
Both organizations will unite to publicize the renowned Premio Paganini Violin Competition in their respective countries. Named for the Geneose master violinist Niccolo Paganini the award celebrates the exceptional talents of musicians worldwide.

Showcasing the National Museum of Italian Emigration
Acknowledging the profound influence of Italian emigration on Italy itself and the significant contributions made by the Italian diaspora to their adopted countries, NIAF and the Genoa Municipal Government will collaborate to promote the National Museum of Italian Emigration which is located in Genoa in honor of the role the port city played in transporting Italian emigrants to destinations around the world.

“This agreement with Genoa will expand NIAF’s reach and provide new ways to share the Italian culture on both sides of the Atlantic,” said NIAF President Robert Allegrini “As the birthplace of Columbus, Genoa holds deep meaning for Italian Americans and we are honored to solidify our commitment to preserving our rich Italian heritage.”  Mayor Marco Bucci of Genoa echoed this sentiment, saying, “Genoa values its historic ties with the United States and vibrant Italian American community,” said Mayor of Genoa Marco Bucci. “We look forward to increasing collaboration through this partnership with NIAF.”

NIAF will serve as the exclusive agent for Genoa in the United States, ensuring the successful realization of the MOU’s objectives.



About NIAF
The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) is a non-profit organization based in the United States that promotes the Italian culture and heritage. Founded in 1975, NIAF has been a leading advocate for Italian Americans, preserving their legacy and promoting their contributions to the United States.

About the Municipal Government of Genoa
Genoa is the capital of the Italian region of Liguria and the sixth largest city in Italy. It is a global port city with a rich history going back centuries.