Italian National Day Statement


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RE: Italian National Day, the Anniversary of the Republic of Italy, La Festa Della Repubblica

Attribute to: Frank J. Guarini, Chairman, National Italian American Foundation (NIAF)
Joseph R. Cerrell, President, NIAF

(Washington, DC – May 30, 2001) On behalf of the 25 million Americans of Italian heritage, the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF), salutes Italy as it celebrates the anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Italy (La Festa Della Repubblica) on June 2, 2001.

Italy has become one of the world’s leading industrial nations, a founding member of the European Union and a vital strategic partner in NATO. At the end of July, Italy will once again host the G-8 Summit in Genoa. The NIAF works continually with Italy to strengthen cultural and economic ties between our two great nations.