eNotizie - April 2020


NIAF COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Efforts
The National Italian American Foundation’s (NIAF) goal at this unprecedented time in our country’s history is to connect and help our Italian American community here in the United States while we work with those who can help the people of Italy in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. NIAF announced on March 17 that the Foundation stands in solidarity with Italy. We encourage those who want to help Italy, especially those with family there, to consider donating to one or more of the following relief campaigns. Each campaign is supporting a specific hospital in Italy. The funds raised will go directly to the hospital so it can secure the urgent resources needed. The Foundation is providing fundraising campaign links to Italian hospitals in Bergamo, Caserta, Milan and Rome, along with other important information.  The Foundation is providing fundraising campaign links to Italian hospitals in Bergamo, Caserta, Milan and Rome, along with other important information: www.niaf.org/coronavirusrelief.

As for what we are doing for our Italian American family, some of us had the opportunity to listen to a unique “Telephonic Town Hall Virtual Meeting” with Dr. John Rosa and Dr. Angelo Falcone on the facts about the coronavirus on Sunday, March 22. It was informative and also provided tips for getting through this crisis. They are planning to expand and continue this conversation and we will let you know when this will be scheduled. Also, NIAF Board Member Dr. Antonio Giordano, director of the Sbarro Health Research Organization, informatively explains COVID-19, how to contain the infection and next steps in this article: http://bit.ly/33x08xh.

As you know, there is a critical shortage of surgical masks and supplies for our local hospitals and emergency rooms. If you have access to a trusted site that is dedicated to filling this need, we will post on our website.

NIAF’s New York Gala Rescheduled for April 13, 2021
The National Italian American Foundation is acutely aware of the health and safety concerns surrounding the current COVID-19 pandemic. Our organization has taken the guidance of the CDC, the New York Gala Chairman Gerard LaRocca, the counsel of our Board of Directors and partners to make the decision to postpone the annual New York Spring Gala from Tuesday, April 21, 2020, to Tuesday, April 13, 2021. For further details, visit: www.niaf.org/nyc.

NIAF Suspends its Public Events Now Through June 
As coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to spread, the Foundation is following the guidelines issued by government authorities restricting non-essential mass gatherings. Therefore, the following NIAF events are postponed:
March 25: Government Affairs Lunch Forum, Capitol Hill—Celebrating Italian American Women in Government and Government Affairs.
April 1: The Russo Brothers Italian American Film Forum announcement has been postponed until further notice.
April 21: New York Gala, Cipriani (rescheduled for April 13, 2021)
May 19: The Mark Valente III Memorial Congressional Bocce Ball Tournament, Washington, D.C.
May 26—June 6: The 2020 Ambassador Peter F. Secchia Voyage of Discovery trip to Italy.
June 1—6: The NIAF Board of Directors Mission to Italy and Board Meeting (postponed until September).
To see the full list of events postponed, visit: http://bit.ly/2W9HoCo.

The NIAF Congressional Fellowship Application is Now Open
In September 2020, the Foundation will place five outstanding Italian American college students and recent graduates in the offices of members of the Italian American Congressional Delegation (IACD) to encourage and support the next generation of Italian American leadership. NIAF will award fellows with a stipend of $1,000 to aid with travel and living expenses while working in a Congressional office in Washington, D.C. Application opens April 1. The deadline is June 1, at 11:59 p.m. EST. For details, visit: https://bit.ly/2QPBR0l.

NIAF On Campus Fellowship – Application Opens April 15
Do you want to be a leader of the Italian American community on campus? We are looking for college students passionate about their Italian heritage who want to have a voice in Italian American affairs for our 2020-2021 NIAF On Campus Fellowship Program. Student Fellows will receive leadership training, networking opportunities, and a ticket to NIAF’s 45th Anniversary Gala. Deadline to apply: September 11. For more information, go to: http://bit.ly/2uAXnhz.

NIAF’s Spring Ambassador Issue is Here!
This issue has stories about bicycling through scenic Italy, spring recipes, book reviews, the acqua alta in Venice, and what DNA testing can really tell you about your heritage. NIAF Members receive the printed glossy quarterly magazine as a membership benefit, but the magazine is available online for free: http://bit.ly/2Wku2TZ.

Temporarily Closed: The Museum on Italian Immigration at NIAF
The Museum is closed until further notice. The safety and enjoyment of our guests is our foremost concern. For general information about the museum, visit http://bit.ly/2wQC644.

Buy a “Make Sunday Italian Again” Wood Spoon!
NIAF’s #MakeSundayItalianAgain wooden spoons are available for purchase! Every spoon purchase goes towards NIAF’s mission to ensure that Italian American culture is passed down to future generations through educational programs. Order your spoon today by visiting: https://bit.ly/2DkMaoO.

USA News & Events

Support Your Italian Restaurants!
NIAF has a running list of Italian restaurants, delis and eateries that are providing curbside, pick-up and delivery services to help your community during these difficult times. Got a restaurant you want to tell us about? If you know of any Italian restaurants anywhere in the United States assisting the community, send it in. See NIAF’s list and details on how to submit your favorite Italian restaurant at: www.niaf.org/restaurants.

Volunteer to Make Masks with NYC Sews
If you are homebound and have sewing skills, a sewing machine or extra fabric, consider joining the NYC Sews initiative started by three women from The High School of Fashion Industries, located in New York City’s historic garment center. Through NYC Sews, designers and companies are making needed supplies such as masks for individuals and hospitals to combat COVID-19. Individuals are welcome to work independently, and the fabric and patterns are provided. For details, visit: https://powerofoneforall.net/.

IAMLA’s Object Collection is Now Online!
Last August, the Italian American Museum in Los Angeles (IAMLA) made its photographic collection accessible online. Since then, scores of people from around the world have used the museum’s online platform to search the photographic collection. It has proven to be a valuable tool for researchers and the general public. Several people have contacted the IAMLA to report that they discovered never-before-seen images of family members! As the museum continues to catalog and digitize its collection, the online databases will expand, eventually providing access to the museum’s vast archival collection and additions from the object collection as well. View the online collection at: http://bit.ly/2OtzoHS.

Una Storia Segreta Exhibit Now Online
The exhibit Una Storia Segreta: When Italian Americans Were “Enemy Aliens” opened at the Museo Italo Americano in San Francisco in 1994 and is now available online, providing access to facts about Italian American restriction, internment and evacuation during World War II. Visit: https://unastoriasegreta.com/.


Jeanne Allen’s An Unfinished Journey: Education & the American Dream
The Foundation would like to congratulate NIAF da Vinci Council Member Jeanne Allen on the publication of her new book An Unfinished Journey: Education & the American Dream. Allen is a pioneer and veteran of education policy, politics and culture. An Unfinished Journey provides a compendium of powerful essays that demonstrate the way the nation’s education institutions have developed or mishandled all that it takes to help children achieve their greatest potential. Recently, Allen announced that in honor of the country of her family’s heritage, she is donating all royalties for her book to the Spallanzani Hospital in Rome to combat the COVID-19 outbreak (https://bit.ly/399nquy). Purchase Allen’s book on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2JhPelR.

Marcangelo Benevenga’s Is That a Wolf or a Dog
Congratulations to NIAF Member Marcangelo Benevenga for his new children’s book Is That a Wolf or a Dog. The book tells a story about a boy named Marc who loves dogs but has always dreamed of owning a pet wolf. It was something he thought could only happen in fantasy books until he visited Italy with his family, where, on the streets of Venice, Marc learns about the rare Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. Marc becomes determined to own this beautiful dog, but there is a problem as the plot thickens. Order the book in print or in a digital format at www.wolfordog.com/products.

Anthony Sciarratta’s The Letter
Congratulations to NIAF Member Anthony Sciarratta for his new book The Letter. The plot unfolds with the protagonist Victor Esposito who mysteriously dedicates every novel he has ever written to one woman. His trademark protagonist fits the description of Eva Abrams, the bright-eyed and blonde Long Island housewife. Tragedy suddenly strikes Victor’s life when a courageous act leaves him in a coma. Hearing the news from a television broadcast, Eva finds herself suddenly overcome with the memories of a love affair she’d left behind a decade ago. In a captivating story of forbidden love, The Letter reminds us how two soulmates can always find their way back to each other. Purchase the book at https://bit.ly/3aoOeIv.

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Important information: Flying during COVID-19
All of our planes are sanitized daily.
The air on board is as clean as an operating room.
Thanks to our HEPA filters and vertical circulation of 99.7 pure air.
Preserving the health of our passengers is our priority.
For this reason, we require all passengers to wear a protective mask on board, in the event it’s not possible to maintain a safe distance.
Our staff are trained to handle on board health emergencies and will immediately initiate the required protocol informing the health authorities to safeguard passengers and staff.
We can all prevent the spread of Covid-19 by taking simple precautions.
Wash your hands often.
Keep a respectful distance of at least 1 meter.
Cough into your upper sleeve or elbow.
If you show symptoms contact a medical professional and stay home.

Visit www.alitalia.com.

Get Involved with NIAF and the Italian American Community!

Support NIAF through AmazonSmile with No Extra Cost!
Ordering from Amazon during the COVID-19 outbreak? Consider supporting NIAF for future purchases by going to http://smile.amazon.com/ and selecting the National Italian American Foundation as your charity of choice. This is a wonderful opportunity to support NIAF programs and its mission during these difficult times. The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5 percent of the purchase price from your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to NIAF. AmazonSmile offers the same selection and low prices as Amazon, and customers can still use their Amazon account. The only difference is that, at no extra cost, you are donating to a great cause!

Become a NIAF Member Today! 
NIAF is disseminating information, hope, and ways to donate and help to our hundreds of thousands of members, friends and followers during this pandemic, all while continuing the best we can in our daily mission of preserving, protecting and promoting our Italian American heritage. Purchasing a NIAF Membership goes beyond exclusive discounts, membership benefits, and cultural events. Being a NIAF Member means contributing to the continuation of Italian American culture, heritage and relief efforts – work we could not do without your support. If you are able, join today by visiting our website: https://bit.ly/2PrHa45.

NIAF’s Pensieri Blog Returns!
Besides our main social media platforms, NIAF’s Pensieri Blog is giving people in Italy and America a space to voice their reflections about the pandemic along with a variety of interesting and upbeat topics. First generation American Joan Lombardi’s post poignantly describes her grief for Italy when she wrote, “When you are the child of an immigrant, you grow up with stories of the other country. No matter how proud you are of your own homeland, there is always the other. It is in your food, it is the way you feel when you hear the language too often forgotten, it is in your traditions, it is in the faces of your cousins, it is in your heart.” Be sure to read other posts on Pensieri here: https://niafblog.wordpress.com/.

Italian Community Services (ICS) welcomes all NIAF members to visit its website www.italiancs.com and learn how ICS helps the broader Italian American Community. Italian Community Services is the oldest Italian non-profit in North America. Founded by a group of Italian pioneers in San Francisco who had great success (Bank of America, Del Monte Foods, Ghirardelli Chocolates, to name a few) the non-profit’s mission is to assist the Italian and Italian American community of California. Italian Community Services defends the Italian language and culture, supports senior citizens with socializing activities, community outreach, financial assistance, and is a point of reference for all things Italian and Italian American. The nonprofit collaborates with the Italian Consulate, Italian Cultural Institute, and all leading West Coast Italian agencies. Since its inception 104 years ago, ICS has helped more than 40,000. Venite a visitarci!

Calling All Voyage of Discovery Alumni 
We’re creating an alumni database of past participants in NIAF’s Voyage of Discovery and NIAF’s Gift of Discovery programs and we need your help! Did you or someone you know participate? If so, let us know. Please fill out the form on our website: https://bit.ly/2UzEaXF.

The Italian American Podcast
The Italian American Podcast is the first and most engaging podcast dedicated to helping Italian Americans learn about and celebrate their brilliant heritage. Hosts John, Dolores, Pat, Rossella and Anthony are obsessed with our heritage. Each Monday they discuss all things Italian American, including history and family traditions, genealogy, recipes, language, and more, with smarts, heart, and a lot of laughs! The Italian American Podcast’s mission is to return you to your roots, or bring your roots to you, bringing the heart of the Italian American experience to the 25 million Americans lucky enough to have been born Italian! The hosts are joined by celebrity guests, experts, authors and everyday Italian Americans for honest and thoughtful conversations digging deep into the “hows and whys” of who we are. And, like all the best Italian American conversations, it takes place around the kitchen table, meaning every time you tune in you’ll be entertained, educated, and brought right back to where you belong… among family! Listen to the Podcast’s latest episodes here: http://ow.ly/qZRI301LHRm.

Turn on Italics TV      
For monthly cable-TV programming for the Italian American community, tune in to Italics, the Italian American TV magazine, produced by The John D. Calandra Italian American Institute at Queens College in New York and hosted by Anthony J. Tamburri, dean of The Calandra Institute. Check your local New York and New York State cable-TV listings for Italics, or find it on CUNY-TV website, and on-demand on the YouTube channel and Facebook.

Everybody Loves Italian! On the Radio!  
Join hosts Frank Granieri and Dominic Mevoli to celebrate the everyday Italian American family and experience, plus interviews with personalities, stories, recipes and more! Sundays 6 a.m. and 5 p.m., on WWDB 860 AM Philadelphia; and streaming worldwide! Find them on Facebook. For more information, visit: www.everybodylovesitalian.us.

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