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Custer's Bugler: The Life of John Martin (Giovanni Martino) is a new book that details the life of one of General George Custer's buglers/orderlies at the Battle of the Little Big Horn in 1876; Martin carried the last desperate message (from Custer), an act that saved his life as minutes later, Custer and his command of 210 troopers and civilians were killed by the banks of the Little Big Horn. Most historians acknowledge that Martin was born in Italy, but until now, they're assumed his name at birth was Giovanni Martini. Recent discoveries in the vaults of Sala Consilina reveal - through Custer's Bugler - that Martin's actual surname was Martino, and not Martini. Of more interest is the fact that he was abandoned as a newborn at one of Sala's foundling homes AND that he accompanied Garibaldi as a drummer boy for several years before coming to America in 1872. It's a fascinating book!

Custer's Bugler

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