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The Bellini

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The Bellini is a refreshing brunch cocktail especially with summertime quickly approaching. It will be sure to make an appearance at many parties and on restaurant menus. Giuseppe Cipriani, owner of the historic Harry’s Bar in Venice, created the drink in the 1930’s and named it after the 15th century Renaissance painter, Giovanni Bellini.

Although it may seem like a simple cocktail to make, Cipriani had very strict rules for making the proper Bellini. A true Bellini must be made with chilled Prosecco (Champagne doesn’t combine as well with the peach juice.) The Prosecco should then be added to a puree made from fresh white peaches (never yellow peaches or peach schnapps) and when using homemade puree, the peaches must be shredded without the use of a food processor which aerates the fruit and changes the taste. His final rule -- all ingredients must be chilled as much as possible. Bellinis never contain ice.

When creating your own Bellini at home, use 2-3 parts Prosecco and 1 part fresh peach puree and don’t forget to follow Cipriani’s instructions! Salute!