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The Balcony Of Palazzo Venezia To Be Reopened

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Talk regarding the reopening of a balcony in Rome where Mussolini gave his speeches has been a heated discussion in Italy.  The balcony of Palazzo Venezia in Rome, where Il Duce would talk to his crowd, has been shuttered and neglected for decades, partly because of its history and also for fear that it would become a place for modern-day fascists.


“It’s time to get over the taboo.  The balcony existed before Mussolini.  Reopening it would in no way endorse the historical crimes of the past,” said Francesco Giro, a cultural heritage official from the Rome City Council.


When it reopens in a few weeks, visitors at the museum in the palazzo will be able to go onto the balcony, which connects with Mussolini’s old office, Sala del Mappamondo. 


Read the full article and tell us how you feel about the balcony being reopened.


Photo by Getty Images/Alamy