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On The Hunt For The Remains Of The Mona Lisa Model

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Giuseppe Pallanti, a Leonardo Da Vinci scholar, is on the hunt for possible remains of the model for Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, Lisa Gherardini, and believes her tomb is in an ex-convent in her hometown of Florence.


“I’ve poured over thousands of archive pages and I’m convinced the remains of Lisa Gherardini were buried there,” said Pallanti.  In 2007 he traced the burial place of to the former Convent of St. Ursula.  A crypt has been located by radar scans under of the ex-convent’s two churches and on April 27 the search will begin.  After finding the DNA of the woman who Pallanti believes is Gherardini, it will be compared with her two children that are buried in Florence.


But others believe the chances of finding the tomb of merchant Francesco del Giocondo’s wife are slim to none.  According to British experts, “Hopes of tracing her tomb have been dashed after it emerged that building works at the site in the 1980s saw its crypts wantonly excavated and their contents destroyed.”


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