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Made in Italy

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Jane August, handbag designer, believes in the importance of the “Made in Italy” label and has considered herself a designer since birth. Her collection, which she describes as vintage with a modern twist, is made in a family-owned factory outside Florence.

She explains, “I have always loved Italian craftsmanship and as a handbag designer, I have worked hard to champion the ‘Made in Italy’ label. I would settle for nothing less. Over the decades I have seen other brands move their work away from Italy, to China to cut costs and I have seen Tuscan towns transformed by the import of Chinese workers, but if I am putting my name on my luxury brand my choice is ‘Made in Italy.’ This is gold standard and today I work with a second generation handbag maker in Fucecchio, Italy. The factory is vintage, just how I like it. Even the needle he uses to make a luxury handbag today is a rarity to the 21st century!”

Check out her website! http://janeaugust.com/index.html