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New York's Little Italy Keeps Getting Smaller

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The 2000 census has found that the Italian American population in New York’s Little Italy is down to only 6 percent.  But in 1950, one in five residents were born in Italy.  Why does Little Italy keep getting littler?


Decades ago, Chinatown and SoHo expanded and encroached in the area of Little Italy.  Streets including Mulberry and Grand still have that Little Italy taste with restaurants and shops, but advertisements in Chinese now fill the street.  With the National Park Service designating a Chinatown and Little Italy Historic District with no geographic distinction between neighborhoods, where does one end and one begin?


“It’s really all Chinatown now,” said John A. Zaccaro Sr., owner of the Little Italy real estate company.


Read the full article from the New York Times.  Why do you think Little Italy keeps getting smaller in New York?  Or is Little Italy growing in your city?


Photo credit: Eddie Hausner/The New York Times