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Celebrating Italy's 150th Anniversary Of It's Unification

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Italy commemorates the 150th anniversary of its unification in 2011.  To celebrate and mark its significance, President Giorgio Napolitano launched celebrations with raising the Italian flag in Reggio Emilia, Italy where the flag was first selected more than 200 years ago on January 7, 1797.  During the event, Napolitano honored Turin, Florence and Rome, the three cities that have served as Italian state capitals, with reproductions of the original flag and handed out copies of the Italian constitution to students from local schools. 


Napolitano stated during his address that “…we cannot, as a nation, think of the future without memory and consciousness of the past.  It serves us, it helps us to retrace the contradictions and harshness of the path that brought us in 1860 to become a united nation…” 


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