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Italian town marks WWII battle and Nazi roundup

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Today the Italian town of Cisterna di Latina observed the anniversary of a World War II battle that ended with the deaths of 250-300 U.S. Army Rangers and the Nazi roundup of surviving townspeople, according to an article by the Associated Press.

As part of the commemoration, schoolchildren visited the underground grottoes where their grandparents took shelter during bombings before being rounded up by German forces on March 19, 1944 and forced to march north. Many townspeople soon found themselves in labor camps or farms.

Only eight U.S Army Rangers survived the Cisterna battle, which was fought to liberate the town from Nazis. Today, the Italian town also honors their legacy with a street named Via dei Rangers and a school named after Rangers commander William O. Darby. Additionally, the town is paired in a sister cities relationship with Darby's hometown of Fort Smith, Arkansas, according to the article.