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Hidden Art Gems of Italy

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There are masterpieces abound in Rome, Milan and Florence that we are all familiar with including: the Birth of Venus in the  Uffizi Gallery, the David(s), the Coliseum, Giotto’s bell tower and the Last Supper, just to name a few. However, there are also many hidden art treasures all across Italy from Venice to Reggio Calabria waiting to be found.

Can’t make it to Athens? Just stop by Paestum, just south of Salerno, grab some fresh mozzarella and head over to the three marveling Greek temples by the Tyrrhenian Sea. The oldest of the three temples dates back to the sixth century B.C.

In or around Venice for vacation? After taking in the breathless views of the canals and the 15th century façade of Scuola Grande di San Marco, head over to Padua – only 30 miles from Venice. There you can take in Giotto’s 1305 fresco cycle in the Scrovegni Chapel. Reflecting the story of Mary and Jesus, the fresco is the world’s first frame-by-frame study in emotion and action.

Check out www.travelandleisure.com for more information on hidden gems in Mantua, Ferrara, Ravenna, Siena, Benevento and Reggio Calabria!