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Tigers are on the verge of disappearing!    Leonardo DiCaprio has his eye on the tigers.

In a recent Washington Post article “If we save the tigers, we’ll save the planet” written by actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio and Carter S. Roberts, they cite the following startling facts-

“A century ago, some 100,000 tigers roamed the wilderness across much of Asia. But 100 years of human overhunting of tigers' prey, such as deer and wild pigs, and of poaching driven by demand for tigers' skins and other body parts has been catastrophic. As few as 3,200 tigers remain, living in only 7 percent of their original natural habitat…. The tiger is what conservationists call an "umbrella" species. By rescuing them, we save everything beneath their ecological umbrella - everything connected to them - including the world's last great forests, whose carbon storage mitigates climate change.”

Click here for the article in the Washington Post.

DiCaprio asks in the article- Should we care in the U.S.?  We have no wild tigers roaming our plains and forests.

What he does point out is that we have tigers in captivity- twice as many in the wild worldwide!

Learn more at info@savetigersnow.org