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Revival of Advanced Placement Test in Italian to Create Renaissance

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The College Board will reinstate AP Italian in the fall 2010 with the first tests given in spring 2010. It’s a win for advocates including NIAF who raised money to save the test.  See complete article in Washington Post .

Learn more about NIAF’s involvement—Former Congressman and NIAF Chairman Emeritus Hon. Frank J. Guarini pledged a $250,000 challenge grant to NIAF AP Language and Culture:



Italy’s Ambassador Giulio Terzi to the United States offered an e-mail statement about the reinstatement of the tests:

"Today is an important day for those who recognize the role of Italian language in the development of human society, economy and culture: Dante's Italian in literature; Gaetano Filangieri's in his letters to Benjamin Franklin on the U.S. Constitution; Federico Fellini's and Pier Paolo Pasolini's in modern cinematography; the Italian of Valentino in design and fashion; the Italian in science and technology spoken by Enrico Fermi and today by the 70 physicists working at the Fermilab in Illinois.”


High school students look for AP courses when choosing a foreign language to give them an advantage when applying to college.  Did you study Italian in high school?  If so, would you take the AP test in Italian if it was available?