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Imagine meeting a stranger and having to pick a few words to describe who you are.
Would one of those descriptions be your Italian American heritage?
When you think of yourself and all that you do, are the values and traditions that you have inherited from your Italian American ancestors one of the major factors in who you are today?
In other words. . . Are you Italian American?


According to recent census data, upwards of 18 million Italian American made the conscious decision to write-in their ethnicity, making us one of the largest self-identifying ethnic groups in the nation.

The National Italian American Foundation invests an average $1 Million a year in future generations through Scholarships and Grants; sends young Italian American students to Italy for the first time; and engages with local Italian American groups across the nation who provide exciting and positive ways for Italian Americans to participate in their local communities.


These numbers represent a vast and diverse network of proud Italian Americans. We have accomplished so much in our time in this nation and we have done it through hard work, determination and an incredible sense of community and family. Imagine what 26 million Italian Americans could do with one united voice!

We want to be that voice. We want to be that vehicle to bring everyone together, but we need your help!

By adding your contribution of $100 to this appeal, you add your name to this website and list of Italian Americans who recognize that the efforts of the National Italian American Foundation are now, more than ever, an important part of what it means to be Italian American in the 21st century.

If you can’t make a $100 donation, any amount is appreciated and it goes to an amazing cause – preserving and protecting the Italian American heritage.

Your donation will help NIAF continue to provide valuable educational programs to young Italian Americans, to help them gain an understanding of their heritage and a pride in preserving that heritage for the next generation. And your donation will also help NIAF create a permanent home for Italian American memorabilia and the history of our people with our planned Italian American Museum.

Every dollar counts towards this worthy cause, so please join us and donate today!


Thank you for pledging your support to the National Italian American Foundation and for adding your voice to the 26 million who say:

“We are Italian Americans, We are proud, We are NIAF!”

Your donation will help support our Foundation’s mission of promoting and protecting the Italian American heritage and ensuring that future generations continue to do so.

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Helen Marie Cerbini - Proud of my heritage and happy to support your organization
Helen Marie Cerbini - Proud of my heritage and proud to support you.
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