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Ambassador Magazine, established in 1985, is published by the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF), an organization representing thousands of Italian Americans in business, government, entertainment and education.

With a readership of 25,000, advertising in Ambassador Magazine is a unique opportunity to reach potential markets in the nation's Italian American community of 26 million people, one of the largest and most financially successful ethnic groups in the U.S.

Ambassador Magazine is a full-color, glossy magazine with a long shelf life, and is an informative source on Italy-US Business, Travel, Lifestyles, Fashion, Food, Wine and more! Each issue of Ambassador Magazine includes feature stories, such as book excerpts, interviews, historical stories and personal memoirs, as well as a number of sections including: Music, Travel, The Arts, Trends, Celebrity Recipes, Business and Sports.

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Interested in advertising in the Ambassador Magazine, contact Monica Soladay,, or call directly at 202-939-3108.

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