Italian Americans are Under Attack!

The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) is committed to promoting a positive image of Italian Americans, one of the nation’s largest ethnic groups and one that has made an indelible mark upon the United States. A centerpiece of NIAF’s mission is promoting the many significant contributions of Italian Americans to our nation in a variety of areas including business, government, entertainment, science and law. For more on the contributions and achievements of Italian Americans, click here to view NIAF's Milestones of the Italian American Experience.

As we endeavor to promote the richness of the Italian American experience, NIAF monitors depictions of Italian Americans in film, television and advertising. Through these efforts, NIAF encourages an accurate portrayal of those who share our heritage and objects to negative and stereotypical depictions of Italian Americans.



Combat the constant defamation and slander of Italian American identity and put an end to incorrect and negative characterizations!

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Support NIAF's Image Enhancement efforts by CONTRIBUTING TODAY!

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Help NIAF Defend the Image of Italian Americans from MTV, NBC, ABC and more...

These networks aired programs inaccurately depicting Italian Americans as uneducated buffoons, promiscuous party-goers, vain youth completely lacking self-respect, criminals and members of the mafia. Sadly, these depictions remain socially acceptable, even after members of the media have become sensitive to negative stereotypes of other ethnicities.

We Implore YOU to View the Defamatory Material Yourself!
  • CLICK HERE to view Saturday Night Live's Gossip Girl: Staten Island
  • CLICK HERE to view MTV's Jersey Shore
  • CLICK HERE to view ABC's Desperate Housewives

We want to hear the negative AND the positive!

Witnessed a negative characterization?
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Witnessed a positive characterization?
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