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Please read carefully the following information about the NIAF Grants. Note that the program has undergone changes and therefore any previously published applications are invalid.


The National Italian American Foundation's mission is to promote, preserve and protect Italian American heritage and culture. The NIAF's Grant Program offers financial awards to individuals, organizations and institutions with projects that enhance and advance our mission.

NIAF offers two types of Grants:

    1. Italian Language Study Grants
A matching grant program open to organizations, individuals, schools, and community groups that wish to launch or expand the teaching of Italian in their local public or private elementary, intermediate, or high schools. The grant money may be used to purchase teaching materials, pay teacher and/or teacher's aide's salaries, or for any legitimate and academically sound activity that furthers the study of Italian in the school for one academic year. The language program may be held before, after, or during school hours; full or part time.
Grants range from $500 to $2,000 per year.
Application deadline: May 30, 2009 and November 28, 2009

    2. Culture and Heritage Grant Awards
Available to individuals or organizations pursuing projects to promote, research, educate, or preserve Italian American culture, history, or heritage. Examples include: documentaries, doctoral research, exhibits, conferences, books, media stereotyping/anti-defamation surveys, campaigns, etc., plays, and course syllabi.
Grants range from $2,000 to $15,000
Application deadline: May 30, 2009 and November 28, 2009


Applications for NIAF grants can only be submitted on-line.

  1. Click on the link: Open a Grant Application File. You will be asked to agree to the NIAF Application Terms and Conditions. After this, you will enter information necessary to receive your NIAF Grant Application File ID. This Application File ID will be sent to you by e-mail upon submission. Please record your Application File ID as it will be REQUIRED in accessing & updating your application.

  2. You will then be brought to your status page, where you can access all parts of your grant application. Continue filling out your application or return at another time using your Application File ID to access your Grant Application File.

    To log into your existing Grant Application File, go

    Click on the link: Access your previously started Grant Application.

  3. Using your Application File ID, you may access your application to make changes up until the application deadline.

  4. Optional: Additional and supplementary materials may be mailed. Follow the directions listed on the on-line status page concerning how and where to send the documents.

    The NIAF encourages you to apply early to avoid unforeseen technical problems. The NIAF is not responsible for late applications caused by technical difficulty.


Grant Program Terms and Conditions

Because many more deserving applications are received each year than the Foundationís resources can support, many applicants will inevitably be disappointed. Those not chosen for funding in any given year should understand that the decision does not constitute a judgment on the quality of the applicantís program, but that it is more often the result of funding limitations. Failure to receive a grant does not preclude future submissions of applications.

All grants many be renewed depending on the success of the program. Grants are not automatically renewed, however, and all must re-apply.

Grant Conditions for Winners
The NIAF may choose to make the grant awards in partial payments over the life of the project. The NIAF has the right to deny final payments if the grant project is not completed.

The NIAF may require grant awardees to submit periodic progress reports during the life of the project. The NIAF has the right to deny any final payments if the progress reports are not submitted by a specified due date, are unsatisfactory, or if the scope of the project deviates substantially from its original intent.

As a condition of the grant award, the NIAF reserves the right to make stipulations for partial propriety or other uses of the project results. Any stipulations would be made in written contractual format and signed by the NIAF and the grant awardee.

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