President George W. Bush Acknowledges NIAF
(Recorded remarks)
October 25, 2003

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President George W. Bush Acknowledges the National Italian American Foundation
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Thank you very much, Iím pleased to join my friends at the National Italian American Foundation as you gather for your anniversary gala. Laura and I send warm wishes for a wonderful night.

For 28 years now, the NIAF has committed itself to celebrating, preserving, and building on the contributions of millions of Italian Americans. Throughout history, Italians have been guided by the spirit of sacrifice, bravery and courage. And since Columbus set out on uncharted and unknown waters in search of the new world, they have brought that spirit to America.

Tonightís honorees continue that storied legacy of excellence. They represent the best of Italy and the best of AmericaÖand they symbolize the important achievements of Italians and Italian-Americans everyday in business, the Arts, language, public service and many other fields. Your participation tonight recognizes the accomplishments of those outstanding individuals and millions of other Italian Americans.

Your participation also ensures that the NIAF is able to continue itís good work in helping the young people of our nation. Tonightís gala benefits important education programs, scholarships, grants and youth retreats. Through these programs young people are learning the history and importance of Italian heritage. And through these programs, the NIAF is doing its part to ensure that every child has the tools needed to succeed so that no child is left behind.

As we come to the end of Italian heritage month. We celebrate the rich traditions that date back to Columbus and our countryís name sake Amerigo Vespucci. Our two nations have much to celebrate and be thankful for.

Thank you for letting me join you on this special occasion.

May God bless you and may God continue to bless America

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