U.S. counties with highest amount of Italian Americans

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* * All figures based on the United States Census 2000. See Compiled by the Research Department of the National Italian American Foundation. * *       

More than 200,000

Suffolk County, NY408,57228.8
Cook County, IL327,0116.1
Nassau County, NY319,60223.9
Los Angeles County, CA270,3752.8
Middlesex County, MA245,37116.7
New Haven County, CT201,06924.4

More than 100,000

Bergen County, NJ194,61422.0
Allegheny County, PA194,22715.2
Westchester County, NY192,22620.8
Queens County, NY187,5408.4
Kings County, NY183,8687.5
Richmond County, NY167,08637.7
Fairfield County, CT108,75213.8
New London County, CT159,78518.1
Worcester County, MA120,40216.1
Maricopa County, AZ154,3445.0
Broward County, FL153,5749.5
Erie County, NY149,34315.7
Monmouth County, NJ142,72723.2
Philadelphia County, PA140,1399.2
Monroe County, NY136,11118.5
Orange County, CA134,8714.7
Hartford County, CT134,65415.7
San Diego County, CA133,3044.7
Ocean County, NJ129,04425.3
Cuyahoga County, OH125,5709.0
Middlesex County, NJ120,40216.1
Providence County, RI119,00619.1
Essex County, MA113,48015.7
Montgomery County, PA112,07214.9
DuPage County, IL108,86212.0
Macomb County, MI108,75213.8
Morris County, NJ107,12322.8
Palm Beach County, FL106,7749.4
Delaware County, PA101,91018.5
Worcester County, MA100,55413.4