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Vino + Vespas

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Vino + Vespas, a combination that could only be found in one place: Italy. In the Collio wine district of northeastern Italy, the “Collio in Vespa” program allows tourists to travel by Vespa between wine tastings and vineyard tours.


Collio is a region known for crisp white wines and family-owned wineries. There is a great diversity in methods for producing different kinds of wine throughout the region, but they must all be successful. Of all of the Collio-designated wines produced in the region, 15 of them earned the highest “tre bicchieri” rating from Gambero Rosso, an Italian food and wine magazine.


There is more to taste in Collio than just wine, though. While traveling from vineyard to vineyard, visitors to Collio can also stop off at various restaurants along the way. These restaurants specialize in the local cuisine, which has been influenced heavily by Slavic and Austro-Hungarian delicacies.


To read more about Collio and to get a firsthand account from one visitor to the region, read this article from the New York Times.