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In Sundance's "Seduce Me," Rossellini examines animal mating habits

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Since 2008, Isabella Rossellini’s acclaimed Sundance Channel series "Green Porno" has examined the sex lives of insects, sea creatures and other unlikely romantics. On April 20, her new series "Seduce Me" -- inspired by “Green Porno” -- will premiere on SundanceChannel.com, examining the courting habits that serve as a prelude for mating ducks, bed bugs, cuttlefish, salmon, snakes and more.

Launched in 2008, "Green Porno" used a short film format, featured papier-mâché sets and starred Rossellini as the subject of each episode. Whether dressed as a soon-to-be-decapitated praying mantis, a defecating earthworm or a cadaver serving as a temporary nursery for fly offspring, Rossellini approached her subjects with offbeat humor that drew rave reviews.


In a recent interview with MovieLine Rossellini relates that although mating can be fascinating, the sex talk in "Green Porno" and "Seduce Me" is really a hook to entice viewers to learn about animal behavior.

"When I decided to make films about animals, I knew that people were probably more interested in sex than just animals," she is quoted as saying. "I figured that films about how animals mate would be more popular -- and I was right!"

Rossellini writes, directs and stars in each episode of "Seduce Me," which is currently slated to air five two-minute episodes. The acclaimed actress is also a board member of the Wildlife Conservation Fund, former NIAF honoree and longtime Foundation supporter.

Following its April 20 online debut, "Seduce Me" will be available on Video On Demand beginning May 5 and premiere on Sundance Channel on May 25. Episodes of "Green Porno" remain available on SundanceChannel.com.