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NY Times: Fiat attempts to modernize Italy's workplace culture

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In an article yesterday, the New York Times reports that Fiat's attempts to make its workers more productive at a plant north of Naples are being met with resistance -- and are perhaps challenging Italy's workplace culture.

Reprter Liz Alderman writes:

"Even some workers here in Pomigliano, Fiat’s lowest-producing plant, complain of ingrained bad habits, citing peers who call in sick to earn money while working another job or skip work with a fake doctor’s note — especially when the local soccer team is playing.

Now, fresh from rescuing Chrysler in the United States, Sergio Marchionne of Fiat is pushing these workers to be more devoted to their jobs, mirroring a larger effort by the government to improve Italy’s competitiveness and reduce its debt through austerity measures.

But shifting a culture toward work and closing the divide with Italy’s northern neighbors won’t be easy. Embedded for generations here — and on other parts of Europe’s often-sweltering southern rim — is a lifestyle that values flexibility for workers."

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What do you think? Can Italian workplace culture adopt more American standards of behavior?