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Italian coffee producers eye U.S. market for expansion

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In late June, purveyors of fine food and beverages from the world over gathered in New York City for the Fancy Food Show. Among them were Italian coffee producers, who are eyeing the U.S. as a potential market for their increasing offerings.

In a new article on i-Italy.org, writer Susannah Gold examines Italian coffee companies in attendance at the show and their plans for American coffee drinkers. As she explains, "Most of the coffee firms who were present at the fair agreed that the world of coffee is undergoing an evolution. Large firms such as Lavazza, Illy and Danesi  have dominated the American market for Italian coffee. New smaller firms have had a harder time getting a footing in this market but as the market grows, there may be room for everyone. At least that’s what these producers are hoping."

Accordingly, smaller firms like Florence's Mokaflor were in attendance at the fair, hoping to gain a foothold in that growing market. Gold reports that, "Andrea Bernini of Mokaflor ...was excited to participate at the Fancy Food Show, saying that there was an important increase in American coffee drinking of espresso coffee. 'We are pretty pleased with the fair. We need to find the right importer for our mid-sized company. It’s a challenge for us.'"
Other smaller firms included Lazio's Caffe Trombetta, Roma's Paranà Caffè, Latina's Italvi, Brescia's Mokasol and Caffen Il Don Caffè Aroma di Napoli from Naples.
Gold also explains Italy's famous coffee blends, noting that although beans are not grown in the country, "Italian torrefazioni are among the most famous in the world for their coffee blends" -- specifically Arabica and Robusto.
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