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Plans for Italian American Museum in Battery Park

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Third-generation Italian American Joseph J. Grano, Jr. is planning a museum devoted to Italian heritage at the northern edge of Battery Park in Manhattan.  This museum will not only have elements of la dolce vita, but also capture the experience of Italian immigrants.  And even though an Italian American Museum opened two years ago on Mulberry Street, Grano still plans to make the museum a reality with costs totaling around $25 million.


“Almost every ethnic group, from the Greeks to the Jews to the Irish, all have museums,” Mr. Grano said.  “It’s about time that Italian Americans memorialized their culture so that succeeding generations can understand their contributions to society.” 


Exhibits will include da Vinci’s works and composers as well as an entrance surrounded by a Roman chariot and a Ferrari are ideas Grano envisions.  Click here to read more about his museum ideas.


In May, NIAF honored Grano with the Foundation’s Special Achievement Award at its “NIAF Night in New York.”


If you were to open a museum, what would you showcase?  What ideas would you want for your museum?