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Following Hannibal's footsteps on the BBC

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A "no cycling" sign may be posted on this pass in the Swiss Alps (above), but Australian brothers Danny, Ben and Sam Wood managed to cross the Alps from France into Italy for a BBC Four documentary, "On Hannibal's Trail."

This year, three Australian brothers -- Danny, Ben and Sam Wood --set out to cycle the 2,500-mile route from Spain through Italy traversed by Hannibal as he sought to overthrow the ancient Rome. Their 10-week trek was filmed by a camera crew for BBC Four and the resulting three-hour documentary, "On Hannibal's Trail," is airing as part of "The Call Of The Wild," a series celebrating Britain's love affair with exploring the outdoors.

Episode Four aired last night in the United Kingdom, and featured the brothers crossing the Alps -- and attempting to determine which mountainous route the general used in his assault on Rome.

What would prompt three brothers to take this trek? The three are all outdoor enthusiasts, but brother Sam is also an archeologist with an interest in Hannibal (while brother Ben is a software developer and brother Danny is a journalist). Interested viewers can read about the genesis of the series in a BBC blog post by brother Ben Wood.

While planning the journey, Ben explains,  "My brothers and I were living in different parts of the world at this time so we spent endless hours on Skype discussing everything from which pass Hannibal may have used to cross the Alps to what sort of brakes we should have on our bikes."

For even more details, visit the brothers' personal website, www.woodbrothers.tv. The site includes personal photos, reflections on the experience and the history they researched for their trip.  

Video clips of the show are available online through the BBC, but sadly only to residents of the U.K.