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Festa del Ceppo - The Italian Yule Log Tradition

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With less than a month until Christmas the Italian regions of Tuscany and Piedmont are busy preparing for “Festa del Ceppo” also known as “Festival of the Log” that takes place on Christmas Eve.  Several traditions surround the festival. Sometimes the "ceppo" is a wooden structure mounted in the shape of a pyramid and is commonly decorated with shiny paper or frills and greenery. Its shelves contain nuts, fruits and little presents. Another tradition symbolizes the place where Mary warmed her newborn baby Jesus. On Christmas Eve families gather together to place a large log in the fireplace as they sing, and play games. In some areas, children come and hit the log with sticks to create sparks. They sing the “Ave Maria del Ceppo” and receive sweets and gifts. To learn more about the traditions of the Festa Del Ceppo visit http://technorati.com/lifestyle/family/article/festa-del-ceppo-the-italian yule/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+trarticles+(All+articles+at+Technorati)