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Italy by the Pint

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Throughout the past twenty years Milan, Rome, and Turin have become the new reputable beer hubs of Europe that have gained popularity through high-end beer trips, and the establishment of more than 300 microbreweries and brewpubs throughout the area. Mike Saxton, owner of beertrips.com whose company programs the beer trips across the world proclaims “Italy is the next emerging beer empire.” Traditionally Italy fostered a reputation for being the mecca of wines, but most recently has become Private Clubs must-see beer destination because of the new unique brews being made from territory ingredients such as basil, chestnuts, peaches, and even pine needles that work together to achieve sensational tastes. The Private Clubs website has found six different must visit spots for your next beer vacation. 


For more information on the most popular pubs see http://www.privateclubs.com/article.php?name=italybythepint