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BBC Radio to examine Caravaggio on 400th anniversary of his death

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Caravaggio's work has been far-reaching, even four centuries after his death at the age of 39. Here, a painting by the master appears on a stamp from Kampuchea, the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Mark your calendars for next Monday, July 12, when BBC Radio will examine the work and life of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio -- or, as he has been known to generations of art lovers, simply Caravaggio -- on the 400th anniversary of his death in July 1610 at the age of 39.

This series of on-air verbal portraits includes a discussion by John Gash, senior lecturer on the history of art at Aberdeen University. Topics include an introduction to the artist, an examination of his painting techniques including chiaroscuro, the politcal climate of Caravaggio's times, and more.

During his time, the brawling artist was known as much for the beauty of his public commisisons -- including "Martyrdom of Saint Matthew" and "Calling of Saint Matthew" -- as for his penchant for fighting and arguments.

Notes BBC Radio's website, "When Caravaggio moves from northern Italy to seek patronage and fame in Rome, the celebrity he attracts there is entwined with visceral and violent behaviour, which itself is then replicated in aspects of his work that depict sacred Christian subjects."

BBC Radio's broadcasts are available online.