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At Vogue Italia, a broadened horizon

The Washington Post Columnist Robin Givhan discussed how Vogue Italia’s Editor Franca Sozzani launched diversity on the runways and the fashion world in her November 28, 2010 article, “Editor of Vogue's Italian edition celebrates black and brown women and fat ones, too.”

“Fashion is woven into the personality of Italy's industrial capital, where mom and pop businesses have blossomed into international brands and fashion week's evening bacchanals - which have attracted everyone from soccer stars to Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi - are as crucial to dealmaking as lobbyists are to Washington.”   

Three years ago, Sozzani noticed that all the models looked the same, so homogenous. “We cannot use only girls who are the same,” Sozzani said. 

In July 2008, Sozzani published an all-black issue of Vogue Italia. Vogue Black went live in February.”  The issue allowed her to discuss diversity in fashion at the same time, send a message. Sozzani also has been labeled a trailblazer and started Vogue Curvy, a plus-size fashion site. “Under the prestigious banner of Vogue Italia, Sozzani now celebrates black and brown women, fat girls and obese ones, too,” writes Givhan.

Where is Vogue Italia today?  Here’s the editor’s view-

"Italian Vogue magazine is an experimental magazine - that's the impression people have," Sozzani says. "I don't think it's experimental; it has a vision. It can't please everybody. I don't want to please everybody." Still, Sozzani has decided that she will happily embrace anyone - black, brown, thin, fat - who sees the world as she does, comments Givhan.

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