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Look for NIAF in The Washington Post today!

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A Washington Post article today highlights Charlie Ragusa, an Italian American senior banquet captain at the Hilton Washington who has worked at the hotel since it opened in 1965. He's waited on every U.S. president since Johnson, but, according to the article, his favorite memory was getting Joe DiMaggio to sign an autograph at a NIAF Anniversary Gala.

Charlie Ragusa. Photo courtesy of Hilton Washington.

Ragusa told the Washington Post, "I went up to DiMaggio and said, 'Listen, if a man is crazy enough to try to get an autograph with 2,700 people in a ballroom, would you do it for him?' And he said, 'Sure, no problem at all.' "

NIAF's annual Anniversary Gala is held each October at the Hilton Washington, and Ragusa is a familiar face, offering help and, in down time, sharing his memories of past galas with NIAF supporters and staff members. Today he was one of three Hilton employees honored at a celebration of the hotel, a D.C. landmark. Congratulations Charlie! We'll see you this fall!

Washington Hilton celebrates its 45th anniversary with (left to right) Joe Berger, Hilton Worldwide President, Americas, and Washington Hilton's security office Clifton Roberts, senior banquets captain Charlie Ragusa, room attendant Mary Johnson and General Manager Steve Cowan. Roberts, Ragusa and Johnson have all worked at the hotel since it opened in 1965. Photo courtesy of Washington Hilton.