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Italian Kids Get their Buzz from Energy Drinks

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You may think that when Italians need a pick me up, they reach for an espresso, but it looks like many of them are turning to energy drinks. Not only do adults choose them, but they are becoming more popular with children and adolescents. A survey of 916 students conducted in the Province of Rovigo, in the Veneto Region, reported that the usage of energy drink consumption increased significantly with age, from approximately 18 percent among sixth graders to 56 percent among eighth graders!  The study also reported that energy drink consumption was associated with tobacco and alcohol abuse.  

This is not just a problem in Italy, but throughout the entire European Union. A study commissioned by European Food Safety Authority found that approximately 30 percent of adults and 68 percent of adolescents (10-18 years old) regularly consumed energy drinks.  Even 18 percent of children between three and 10 years old were regular consumers!  

With medical experts increasingly concerned about the health effects of energy drinks, Italians might do better to stick to cappuccinos!

Read more about the studies- http://bit.ly/WcASVT and http://bit.ly/16GZ5dO