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A Tuscan Garden Tutorial

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In her book "Italian Villas and Their Gardens," Edith Wharton details the architecture and ornament of the gardens she encountered while touring Italy with famed author Henry James.  She wrote that the reader should not "content himself with a vague enjoyment of old Italian gardens, but…extract from them principles which may be applied to home." In a recent Wall Street Journal article, designer Charlotte Moss shares eight key lessons from her grand tour of Italian estates.

·         Create an axis

·         Carve out an area for quiet conversation

·         Unify with a theme

·         Repeat elements

·         Reimagine rather than redesign

·         Have a solid plan

·         Connect the house and garden

·         Set a focal point

Read more on how to design your perfect Italian garden in the Wall Street Journal! http://on.wsj.com/T38cO7