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Italian Women Working to Rebuild Society

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Although Italy may be facing some tough economic times, lately Italian women have played key roles in rebuilding society. The Huffington Post reported on a few women who are proving that “women can make it in Italy too!”

Maria Amata Garito’s goal is to reduce illiteracy around the world. As the head of the Italian- International Telematic University (UniNettuno) which enables students to obtain bachelor and master degrees online learning in a variety of different languages, she has developed multiple education programs. She launched a program called “Let’s learn Arabic” in Morocco which lowered illiteracy from 44 to 10 percent, helped to reduce poverty/create employment opportunities in Iraq and developed a project in which 31 partners (universities, companies, etc.) belonging to 11 countries  are jointly connected in one network to link their knowledge. 

Lucia Castellano, a lawyer from Naples, works in the Italian penitentiary system and has been the director of Bollate prison in Milan. Her aim is to help prisoners rebuild their lives so inside the prison you will find elementary through high schools, a media office, gym, music hall and a riding stable.

Barbara Ensoli is the Director of the National Center Anti Aids at the Istituto Superiore di Sanità in Rome. In 2009 she was experimenting with an HIV vaccine called TAT and she believes the Italian government needs to invest more in research.

Read more about these influential women! http://huff.to/AiAjwL


Maria Amata Garito