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Paul David Pope to Speak at This Year's Gala

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Paul David Pope, a third generation Italian American businessman and philanthropist, will bring his family story as a special guest at NIAF’s 36th Anniversary Awards Gala in Washington, D.C. on October 29.  Pope will address the audience during the gala and will draw upon his family’s heritage and own unique personal experiences


Generoso Pope Sr., Pope’s grandfather, left Italy at 15.  He worked his way up from the sand pits of Long Island to become a construction magnate and New York City kingmaker.  He left his youngest son, Gene, to lead the family business—a decision that would rend the family to pieces and ultimately force Gene out on his own.  But in the end, Gene would later found the National Enquirer.


Pope has forged his own identity, like his father and grandfather…an identity that has to do with his Italian American heritage.  As head of Pope Entertainment Group, he was chief sponsor of the New York Historical Society’s exhibit, “The Italians of New York: Five Centuries of Struggle and Achievement.”  He’s also received awards from the Consul General of Italy in New York, the Italian Apostolate of the Archdiocese of New York and the Order Sons of Italy in America.


Guests at NIAF’s gala will receive a copy of his book, “The Deeds of My Father,” along with other items related to his family.  Visit www.niaf.org/galafor the weekend’s schedule of events.