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The Significance of the Numeral "15"

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Luciano Buso, Italian painter and art restorer, claims that the Holy Shroud of Turin, an object believed to have been wrapped around Christ following his Crucifixion, was actually created by Italian artist Giotto in the 14th century. Carbon dating supports this assertion since it dates the object back to the 14th century.


Buso explains that the artist also left a message for his viewers in the work itself.  

"I have examined extremely clear photos of the Shroud and spotted a number of occurrences of the number 15, in the face (of Christ), the hands, and in one case even shaped to look like a long cross," Buso states. According to him, Giotto included these hidden 15’s in order to date the work to the year 1315. To read more about Buso’s research, click here.

(Photo: ANSA)