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Celebrating Nutella on i-Italy.org

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Love Nutella? Who doesn’t?


Writer Maria Melchionda examines the history and cultural reach of the Italian-made chocolate hazelnut spread -- and the upcoming English-language release of a book celebrating it -- in an article on i-Italy.org.


Ferrero produces about 25,000 miles of jars of Nutella a year, a length that is equal to the entire circumference of the earth, reports Melchionda. Despite having become a multinational company, Ferrero, now at its third generation, is still growing under Managing Directors Pietro and Giovanni Ferrero, grandchildren of founder Pietro.


New to the U.S., the soon-to-be-released book “Passione Nutella” features a catalog of recipes highlighting the condiment, Melchionda says. Notes co-author Clara Padovani, "I included recipes that come from every single part of Italy: there are the cantucci from Tuscany, tegole from Val D’Aosta, and amaretti from Piedmont.... There are also more internationally famous recipes such as plum cakes, muffins, or Bavarian cakes. They all have that hint of Nutella that makes them different." 


First released in Italy in 2006, “Passione Nutella” will also include an updated "Nutella Dictionary" and is the result of a collaboration with a number of chefs well known in the U.S., including Tony May, Cesare Casella, Lidia Bastianich, Jimmy Bradley and Jonathan Waxman.